Get Rec’d: “The Invisible Orientation”

Part of being a bookseller means writing staff recommendations for books we want to share with the world. Check out my staff rec’s from the Harvard Book Store:

The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker.

I first heard the term asexual in a Modern Love essay from the New York Times. The writer, Kim Kaletsky, wrote: “I felt an urge to be with certain people romantically, but that urge did not involve feeling sexual desire for them.” And I went, oh. Because for the longest time I thought I was weird; then finally in college I had a word for it. From there, some Googling got me to The Invisible Orientation, one of the leading “guides” to asexuality out there (and it’s written by an ace person!). Decker explains sexuality in term of ace and not, and also breaks down terms around attraction, demi-sexuality, and the gray areas. Since I’ve started to talk more about asexuality with people around me, I go back to this book every time. It’s a guide, it’s a resource, it’s an affirmation.

Order it from the Harvard Book Store here.

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